3 April 2020

In these highly uncertain and difficult times, I hope that you and your families are staying well and doing all that is necessary to keep yourselves, your neighbours, colleagues and the wider health services as protected as possible.

Much has changed in all our lives over the last few weeks and I want to update you on what has been happening at DK Group.

In a Group of businesses as diverse as DK different responses have been necessary in different places.

Where possible, and with the safety of our colleagues at the centre of all that we do, we have remained open to support our customers. This has sometimes involved significant but essential changes to working practices to maintain social distancing. Elsewhere falling demand has led us to reduce production or temporarily close altogether.

We continue with all guidance and advice issued by Governments and are monitoring daily developments closely. Each business is adopting the approach best suited to their industry, site and specific requirements, whilst complying with all best practice requirements.  However, consistent approaches across all sites are as follows:

  • Wherever possible our teams are working from home and have been equipped to ensure no reduction in service levels to our customers
  • Business travel has been reduced to virtually zero.
  • The highest possible hygiene standards have been maintained across each site.

Whenever the time is deemed appropriate by the relevant authorities and the needs of our customers, we have our plans in place for a rapid return to more normal ways of working.

We will continue to monitor the situation closely and will update you with any further changes we make to our approach.

Please stay safe and together we will come through this.


Kevin Higginson

Group CEO

DK Group Investments.